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Remembering the Fallen at Songshan

10th May, 2016


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Last year, we published for Memorial Day a report on an amazing new memorial built in southern China, on the peak facing Songshan, location of a bloody, desperate battle that held in the balance the question of whether the Imperial Japanese army would run unfettered…

Seeing “The Long Peace” through The Fallen of World War Two

Memorial Day year-to-year tends to follow the same format for most Americans.  It is a day of remembrance and respect for those who paid the ultimate price for their country.  As we do every year, many will bow their heads in unity for those who lost their lives due to war.  

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Aiming for Balance: Part 1

22nd April, 2016


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The following was originally…

Key Points for U.S.-China Relations

10th April, 2014


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Tavenner portraitBy: Carson Tavenner

From 27 years of military service, teaching, and work in the non-profit sector, I’ve come to realize to move forward, Americans need to enlarge their thinking about China. Here are some key points:

Wealth Creation in U.S.-China Subnational Relations: The Importance for Business

By: Ben Leffel

All business occurs at the local level. The key to understanding the significant impact subnational U.S.-China relations have on creating business opportunities is recognizing the specializations that occur at the local level. These specializations have the potential to maximize wealth creation opportunities between the massive markets in the…

The Roots of US-China Relations

Swallow YanMeet Swallow Yan

by Karen Lauer; interview by Sarah Itagaki

For over 20 years, Swallow Yan has worked to bring the Iowa state community out of its comfort zone. Since arriving in Iowa in 1991, Swallow has made great strides in…

Co-hosting “New Thinking for New Directions” with Seattle University, April 12th

19th January, 2013


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We are now working on the invite list for the April 12th conference, “New Thinking for New Directions” to be held…

Strategic Views of the People’s Liberation Army: NBR, Our Educator on the Defense Perspective

1st November, 2012


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Communication is difficult; it is downright impossible if the recipient of a message is unaware of its transmission.  One of the realities of our modern communications is that we get focused on our own particular sector of business, study, or…

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