In-Person Interaction

Face-to-face training is often the best way to transmit real understanding about the complexities of not only China, but the America-China relationship. The Tai Initiative creates custom seminar material for a wide selection of audience sizes and experiences. We have presented across a range of time, from one hour college classes up to five days of intense teamwork development for Chinese companies. The Tai Initiative will create a custom made program to suit your needs and deliver the necessary skills for a globalized world.

Travel to China

Interested in traveling to China? Anyone who has been to China can affirm that no matter what you thought about China before you visited it, coming away from China, one always has a more eye opening and accurate understanding. We have experience escorting American local government and corporate representatives to meet members of our network in China. The Tai initiative network would be pleased to support you and your group in experiencing a similar professional and cross-cultural event.


From 2013 to 2015, the Tai Initiative hosted annual subnational leadership conferences in Seattle, Denver, and Washington D.C.  We would be pleased to plan another such large collective event with a strategic partner who shares our vision of elevating human dignity and implementing sustainable solutions for the world.

Interested in Expanding your Horizons

Please contact us at to begin a discussion about your needs and how the Tai Initiative can provide solutions.

Past Partners