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The Gobi Expeditionary Army: Year Three

14th June, 2016


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27The Beijing Exploring Culture Development Holding Company, Ltd. and The Tai Initiative are once again working together this summer to bring practical lessons about leadership to dozens of Chinese youth, helping and guiding them to develop real, workable plans for pursuing their life dreams.

This program, named…

Remembering the Fallen at Songshan

10th May, 2016


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Last year, we published for Memorial Day a report on an amazing new memorial built in southern China, on the peak facing Songshan, location of a bloody, desperate battle that held in the balance the question of whether the Imperial Japanese army would run unfettered…

Essential and Subtle

17th February, 2015


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“How do I stop?” asked the giggling Chinese teacher as Iceskatesshe swerved around the other beginning ice skaters. I demonstrated, explained, and asked “怎么说 ‘spin’ ”? The two of us, a nineteen year-old American figure skater, and a fifty year-old Chinese teacher made quite the…

Hosting an international visitor for Thanksgiving: Citizen diplomacy at its finest

26th November, 2014


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Enjoying an international encounter

One of the very best elements of any international encounter is when a visitor can participate in a family or community’s expression of tradition.  Such events are the very center of cultural meaning and are often the most memorable parts of foreign travel no matter what other success may take place…

China’s Seattle: Chengdu by Jessica DiPietro

28th October, 2014


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After my first year as an Intern with the Tai Initiative, I joined an intensive summer 2014 language program at Sichuan University. I learned so much more than just Chinese in Chengdu, but found myself in a whirlwind of adventures and amazing food. With…

My Internship With Tai Initiative

Interning with The Tai Initiative

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with…

Importance of the Subnational Level Confirmed by Joint Study

Comparing Chinese and Americans

The report doesn’t specifically use the word “subnational.” But that doesn’t diminish the thrill I felt when reading it this morning.

Recently, the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California and the School of International Studies of Peking University…

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