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About Us

The Tai Initiative is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that supports and encourages the development of trusting communication between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China by networking and encouraging the subnational level of relationship.  The subnational level comprises that segment of the relationship formed by states/provinces, cities, schools, businesses and the civil sector.

The Tai Initiative seeks to collect and distribute the best lessons of the most successful programs in an effort to inspire each country’s national leaders.  Powerful policy leaders on each side of the Pacific Ocean need to see more examples and lessons of the best that the U.S.-China relationship has already managed to attain.  We believe that by applying best methods for trusting communication that we can discover together a world-changing future at the level where both nations’ national sovereignty, pride, and military capabilities currently create a prodigious challenge to peaceful cooperation between these economic giants in the 21st century.


To build real bilateral communication capacity between the U.S. and China at the subnational level (state/city/university/business) by nurturing a network of solid personal relationships upon which the two national governments can lean for achieving successful communication, understanding, and trust.


The education of Americans and Chinese alike to see ourselves as members of two great civilizations currently presented with opportunities to change world history, and through this education discover and implement solutions via subnational leadership in both countries to assist the resolution of foreign relations policy challenges.


We envision Chinese and American policymakers and leaders of all kinds cooperating in the delivery of practical solutions to elevate human dignity and reduce hunger, disease, and insecurity for the international community.


The Tai Initiative has a three-fold strategy for moving forward toward this vision: networking subnational leaders into community, teaching character-based leadership behaviors and skills, and generating a civil dialogue on the nature of civilization.  Each activity must be grown in both countries, as the current state of affairs finds each of these three activities lacking.  Currently The Tai Initiative is an American non-profit, but seeks to find or develop a competent, capable and visionary partner in China. Then this will become a truly bilateral effort to inspire billions.


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