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We build communication capacity at the sub-national level of the U.S.-China relationship by nurturing a network of solid personal relationships among professionals and institutions upon which the national relationship can build for achieving understanding and trust.

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  • What I like about The Tai Initiative is that it is focused on action!
  • There is often a gap between trying to articulate a vision and manifesting it. It’s called leadership.
  • The Tai Initiative idea is a very significant one especially given the nature of the two countries.
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Fall 2016 Internships

The Tai Initiative is building an intern team to strengthen the member network and manage the production and publication of online material, all for the purpose of advancing the educational mission of the organization.  The team consists of eight positions: Business Development Assistant, Research Assistant, Member Relations Program Manager, Website Operations Manager, Publication Team Lead, 泰论坛 (Tai Luntan) Video Blog Manager, Newsletter Editor & Manager, and Podcast Manager. See the “Join our Team” page for more information.

What We Believe

The Subnational Level is the National Solution

[What does “subnational’ mean?]

We hope your visit will inspire you to new thinking about the U.S.-China relationship, the most important international relationship shaping the outcome of the 21st century.  International issues dominate the national news, yet every day subnational leaders accomplish great goals between our two nations.  The relationship is both complex and complicated.  Old problems are changing.  New actors question the old solutions.  Unexpected and creative sources produce solutions for new problems. Though the future is uncertain, at The Tai Initiative we believe an opportunity currently exists for citizens of both countries to play an active role in shaping a positive outcome for the sake of humanity.  Enjoy your exploration around the website and join us.






泰论坛 (tailuntan): The Tai Initiative Forum

Latest 泰论坛 7/18/2016 – View it here

Hundreds of subnational leaders in the U.S.-China relationship need to be heard!  Listen through this series generating dialogue on our two civilizations.  What does it mean to be American?  What does it mean to be Chinese?  How do the activities of The Tai Initiative and others contribute to the longer dialogue defining our relationship?  Explore these questions with us in each session, to contribute your thoughts and experience.

If you would like to participate in one of these public live discussions, please let us know!




Featured Organization

The Chinese American Forum (CAF) is a non-profit quarterly cultural and educational magazine serving an open dialogue to promote mutual understanding between Chinese/Asian Americans and the general public and to urge Chinese/Asian Americans to join the American mainstream.  Founded nearly thirty years ago, the magazine has published hundreds of informative and often personal articles touching all manner of issues connected to Chinese-American history and identity; the challenges of Chinese immigration; the many facets of the U.S.-China relationship, and more.

The Tai Initiative enjoys all its conversations with the leaders of the Chinese American Forum.  Collectively, they have served the nation better than any institution we have yet met in struggling through a definition of balanced encouragement needed between Chinese and American perspectives.  We are pleased to be entering a new era of cooperation and coordination with this long-experienced group of leaders and writers.

This article published Oct 2014 teaches about connecting across generations, nations, and culture.  It is a good example from which we can learn more genuinely about the Chinese worldview of relationship.


Do you share our vision?

The Tai Initiative vision is to see Chinese and American policymakers and leaders cooperating in the delivery of practical solutions to elevate human dignity and reduce hunger, disease, and insecurity for the international community.  If this is your vision, too, let us keep in touch with you.



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