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Moving Forward

The Washington-Sichuan Friendship Association breaks new ground
We build communication capacity at the sub-national level of the U.S.-China relationship by nurturing a network of solid personal relationships among professionals and institutions upon which the national relationship can build for achieving understanding and trust.

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  • There is often a gap between trying to articulate a vision and manifesting it. It’s called leadership.

  • The Tai Initiative idea is a very significant one especially given the nature of the two countries.
  • …it’s so wonderful to hear of the amazing things being done.
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China Cabinets Launched

The newest program of The Tai Initiative began in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood in November 2013.  Since then, excited participants in the newest thing to appear in U.S.-China community relations have increasingly grown to attend this event, held every three weeks.


The Sub-National Level is the National Solution

We hope your visit will inspire you to new thinking about the US/China relationship, the most important international relationship for 21st century world history.  International issues dominate the national news, yet every day great things transpire between our two nations at the sub-national level.  The relationship is both complex and complicated.  Old problems are changing.  New actors question the old solutions.  New problems appear, the solutions for which might appear from unexpected and creative sources. Though the future is uncertain, at The Tai Initiative we believe an opportunity currently exists for citizens of both countries to play an active role in shaping a positive outcome for the sake of humanity.  Enjoy your exploration around the website, itself a story in progress, and join us.


Denver, May 2014

Community leaders in the Front Range region are collaborating with The Tai Initiative to hold a first-rate conference bringing a cross-section of subnational leadership in the U.S.-China community to discuss best practices and encourage the development of a stronger U.S.-China role for the greater Denver metropolitan region.


Do you share our vision?

The Tai Initiative vision is to see Chinese and American policymakers and leaders cooperating in the delivery of practical solutions to elevate human dignity and reduce hunger, disease, and insecurity for the international community.  If this is your vision, too, let us keep in touch with you.


Featured Organization

100k-Strong logo

This organization encourages students of diverse backgrounds from across the country to learn Mandarin and study in China. The Foundation believes that its best ambassadors are the American students who have studied in China and learned about the Chinese culture, language and people first hand. The Tai Initiative looks forward to the lessons each country’s subnational leaders will glean from what these 100K students gain from their China study abroad experiences.


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