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The 3rd Annual Conference on U.S. China Subnational Relations

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"On the field of friendly strife are sown the seeds..."

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Encouraging Civil Dialogue on Civilization

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China-America Exchange on Ice
We build communication capacity at the sub-national level of the U.S.-China relationship by nurturing a network of solid personal relationships among professionals and institutions upon which the national relationship can build for achieving understanding and trust.

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  • What I like about The Tai Initiative is that it is focused on action!
  • There is often a gap between trying to articulate a vision and manifesting it. It’s called leadership.
  • The Tai Initiative idea is a very significant one especially given the nature of the two countries.
  • People will benefit from being aware of The Tai Initiative efforts.

In the News

March 9, 2015

Michigan Business Beat, hosted by Chris Holman, discusses economic development,international business new or unusual entrepreneurial initiatives, and successful business practices from different regions and industries around Michigan with a wide range of entrepreneurs and business leaders.  “We are celebrating the Chinese New Year Gala at the Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI thrown by the Detroit Chinese Business Association. We are going to spend a little time in this one with Carson Tavenner, executive director of the Tai Initiative. He looks at a lot of opportunities and a lot of cultural differences and similarities between China and Michigan.”


USC & 北大 Agree

Recently, the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California and the School of International Studies of Peking University jointly released their report  entitled “Building U.S.-China Trust: Through Next Generation People, Platforms & Programs”.  Their observations and recommendations affirm…(more)

The Subnational Level is the National Solution

We hope your visit will inspire you to new thinking about the U.S.-China relationship, the most important international relationship shaping the outcome of the 21st century.  International issues dominate the national news, yet every day subnational leaders accomplish great goals between our two nations.  The relationship is both complex and complicated.  Old problems are changing.  New actors question the old solutions.  Unexpected and creative sources produce solutions for new problems. Though the future is uncertain, at The Tai Initiative we believe an opportunity currently exists for citizens of both countries to play an active role in shaping a positive outcome for the sake of humanity.  Enjoy your exploration around the website and join us.


太论坛 (tailuntan): The Tai Initiative Forum

This summer we launched a new effort designed to further generate dialogue on civilization.  What does it mean to be American?  What does it mean to be Chinese? Explore these questions with us in each session, to contribute your thoughts and experience.

Missed the first episode on August 26?  Watch it here.

The 3rd Annual Conference: 2015

Several U.S.-China relations community leaders in the Washington, D.C. area are now collaborating with The Tai Initiative to hold a first-rate conference in 2015.  We plan to present a program unlike any you’ve seen before.  Join us to stay in the loop for more info on this exciting new project!  Interested in associating your organization with this project?  Let us know.43 afternoon panel


Featured Organization

image002We are happy to have the support and cooperation of PYXERA Global, an organization leading the charge for International Corporate Volunteerism (ICV).  Haven’t heard much about ICV, have you?  You will!  More than just supporting the work of their employees volunteering for favorite causes, the new growing trend is for corporations themselves to dedicate their resources to achieving socially responsible outcomes.  PYXERA Global displays a “commitment to design and implement solutions that achieve real-world goals through approaches that inspire, enrich, and endure.”  One of their signature initiatives, the Center for Citizen Diplomacy, has already provided expert advice to The Tai Initiative as we produce our own programs “on the cutting edge of diplomacy.”  We look forward to seeing how PYXERA will continue to lead the way in corporate volunteerism for decades to come.  Read more about them through their new publication, The New Global Citizen.

Do you share our vision?

The Tai Initiative vision is to see Chinese and American policymakers and leaders cooperating in the delivery of practical solutions to elevate human dignity and reduce hunger, disease, and insecurity for the international community.  If this is your vision, too, let us keep in touch with you.


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