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Wealth Creation in U.S.-China Subnational Relations: The Importance for Business

By: Ben Leffel

All business occurs at the local level. The key to understanding the significant impact subnational U.S.-China relations have on creating business opportunities is recognizing the specializations that occur at the local level. These specializations have the potential to maximize wealth creation opportunities between the massive markets in the…

Engaging Portland: A Day in the Life of TI

18th March, 2014


in Civilization, Leadership, Planning


Leadership.  Networking.  Promoting civil dialogue.

These are the Tai Initiative’s by-words  to promote and  nurture positive behaviors in the American-Chinese relationship.

IMG_6409 small

Sounds great, but how does it really work?  What do we do to use such concepts in a day’s work?  This week, the…

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