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The terrible condition of emotional health in China: let’s share our wisdom

23rd May, 2013


in Civilization, Ethics


I just read a translation of a great essay responding to the People’s Daily’s recent article “The Post-80′s Generation is Dispirited: Early Decline Cause for Alarm

In the essay, the author describes his own experiences trying to survive the difficulties of bureaucracy, incredulity over corrupt officials’ influences, institutional lies from his schools, despair…

What do we hope to accomplish in Beijing?

20th May, 2013


in Leadership, Planning


This summer, June 12-20 to be exact, The Tai Initiative will make its next trip to China!  During those nine quick days, we hope to expand our presence within the larger dialogue on leadership in a variety of subnational fields, particularly at the ACCEX meeting in Shanghai.  Thinking about the opportunities presented…

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