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May 2021 City of the Month: Denver, CO

2021年5月的城市分享:科罗拉多州丹佛市 丹佛与昆明缔结的姐妹城市的关系 The Denver-Kunming Sister-City Relationship 自1986年以来,丹佛与昆明缔结为正式的姐妹城市已经有34年。这34年的历史主要可以分为三个部分,建立关系(1999年之前);关系的中期(2000-2005年);以及关系的近代(2006年至今)。 Denver and Kunming have been official sister cities for thirty-four years, since 1986. The thirty-four years of history can be separated into three parts, the establishment of...


Aiming for Balance

The following was originally published in the 123rd issue (Jan-Mar 2016) of “Chinese American Forum“.  Going on five years later, this message is as relevant to the 2021 global conditions as it ever was....