Student Fellowship


The mission of the Tai Initiative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit for education, is to nurture and educate the network of organizational and personal relationships between Americans and Chinese to achieve mutual understanding, communication, and trust.  To that end, the fellowship mission will be to cultivate discernable agency among young Chinese and American leaders and professionals at the subnational level. We are designing a fellowship for young American and Chinese graduate level students and professionals who seek a deeper understanding and guided path in building trust and capacity between China and America. The “Zhong-Mei” — or China-America — relationship is not just between nation-states; it is rooted in deals struck between businessmen, programs partnered by governors, mayors, and academic institutions. The total America-China relationship is a nexus of culture, commerce, and local leadership, but too often the cultivation and navigation of relationships between Chinese and Americans at the subnational level can falter; lack of cultural intelligence or skills in international relations makes building trust and capacity a real challenge. We want to alleviate that challenge by offering a rigorous certificate training and fellowship for the advancement of the “Zhong-Mei” relationship that will generate a lifelong professional network.   


The fellowship will be a rigorous training and education program for post-grads to get a start on advancing their work in the “Zhong-Mei” (China-America) relationship through lifelong professional networks. The TI fellowship will offer a yearlong certificated, intensive program in the advancement of cultural intelligence, American and Chinese history, and networking and leadership skills.


The TI Fellowship will offer a combination of virtual and in-person training and seminars. The sessions will include travel, reading and discussion groups, guest speaker lectures, one-on-one guidance and support, intensive in-person training, and assessment.

Academic Activities:

  • One-on-One sessions
  • Article reading assignments
  • Check-point assessments
  • Self-reflection

Fellow Development via China Cabinet:

  • Online live broadcasting
  • Discussion groups
  • Guest speakers


The TI Fellowship will be open to Chinese and American students and young professionals between the ages of 19-35 years of age. In addition, eligible candidates must be proficient in the English language at a native or near-native fluency. TOEFL scores will be required for non-native English speaking candidates.


Send an email to expressing your interest in the student fellowship.