The Story

The relationship between Chinese and Americans is longer than most people realize.  Chinese interaction with Western Europeans began centuries ago with such famous figures as Marco Polo in the 13th century and Matteo Ricci in the 16th.  On the west coast of North America, even before the original territories and settlements attained statehood, Chinese workers by the thousands labored to build the rail and port infrastructures that contributed so significantly to the future economic strength of the United States, decades later.  This process continues today in parallel, with Americans laboring in China to build other types of institutions and structures that we trust will contribute significantly to the future economic strength of China – an economic strength which we have already begun to witness.

Intertwined throughout these larger stories of nations, economies and militaries are the lives of individuals, some quite famous, some much less so.  Included among these lives are individuals who, on both sides of the Pacific, work today to build a better tomorrow.  After exploring the lives on these pages, please contribute your understanding of the story.  Maybe you can illuminate an unknown element of the lives already listed here.  Perhaps you know of someone you don’t find here whose life story should be added.  Tell us!

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