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Concerned citizens demonstrate the greatest impact on the long story of the US/China relationship at this level (new window).  Benefitting from the sincerity and credibility witnessed in meaningful relationships at the individual level, yet holding the influence and opportunities afforded to organized entities, the sub-national level has so far achieved the greatest number of positive developments in the US/China relationship in recent years.

Recognizing this strength, …(Here I will insert the story of the US/China Agreement on Sub-National Cooperation.)

You are part of the story!  Participate in the strengthening of this part of story. of learning our sub-national best practices,

Tai Initiative members have access to the database we maintain on specific organizations, their contact information, resources and goals.  We encourage you to become a member today!


Though often bridging several decades, people’s personal stories are often at the very core of the most moving and inspiring examples of good US/China relations.  Hundreds, likely thousands, of such stories exist.  Many of them have been captured in biographies and autobiographies.  A large number have not been published, and most have not even been told or captured.  The Tai Initiative is looking for volunteers to discover, record, and write such stories for this website.


Numerous organizations are already hard at work capturing and analyzing the relationship at the national level.  Here are some of the best.

Pacific Forum of CSIS


Do you have a story to share?  Please tell us.

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