Learning From Others:

The Tai Initiative understands that no one can ever know everything that is going on in the US/China relationship.  There is so much happening, and the field is continually changing!  But we can learn more from one another than we currently are.  Are you one of the “positive outliers” achieving exceptional success in your bilateral relationship?  If not, then what do you need to learn from those who are?  If you are, what lessons do you have to share?


The Sub-National Level is the National Solution

We hope your visit will inspire you to new thinking about the US/China relationship, the most important international relationship for 21st century world history.  International issues dominate the national news, yet every day great things transpire between our two nations at the sub-national level.  The relationship is both complex and complicated.  Old problems are changing.  New actors question the old solutions.  New problems appear, the solutions for which might appear from unexpected and creative sources. Though the future is uncertain, at The Tai Initiative we believe an opportunity currently exists for citizens of both countries to play an active role in shaping a positive outcome for the sake of humanity.  Enjoy your exploration around the website, itself a story in progress, and join us.[/third][third_last]

Join us for Dinner!

Please join us for an evening of reflection on the observations found in Theodore deBary’s East Asian Civilizations. Explore the roots of Western civilization and how America has created new structures from these roots.  Meet other local professionals interested in advancing American-Chinese relations and grow in your awareness of the depth of China/US interaction.  All while enjoying a delicious feast![/third_last]

The Tai Initiative would not function without the dedicated support of individual citizens like you.  We do not rely on government funds of any kind.  As you reflect on the influence of this institution-building effort, please consider making your own personal impact through a donation to further our broad vision. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!


What’s going on in your state?

Activity of all kinds is occurring every day between America and China.  In such fields as education, business, culture, commerce, or research, thousands of sub-national interests are communicating and collaborating effectively.  What’s going on in your area?


2013 NW Regional Conference

Pacific Northwest sub-national leaders from across education, government, business, and culture will gather in the Seattle area in January, 2013.  The conference will provide attendees an opportunity to hear personal accounts of best program practices from guest speakers, share collaboration opportunities in networking events, reflect on the interactive history of the American and Chinese civilizations, and further the continuing vision of positive US/China relations in the Pacific Northwest.


Featured Organization:

The Washington State China Relations Council has been actively promoting greater ties between China and the Evergreen State for thirty years.  President Joe Borich blogs regularly on important news and developments taking place in this relationship.


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