Dr. Tim Filley- Professor at Purdue University timfilley2

Dr. Filley is professor at Purdue University Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science and part of the forum on EcoPartnerships.  His group has several projects designed to study the fundamental processes controlling carbon and nitrogen cycling in soil and streams within natural and managed ecosystems. A primary goal of his work is to develop a stronger scientific basis for modeling soil organic matter dynamics, ecosystem processes, and the global carbon cycle with an emphasis on how perturbations to ecosystems, i.e., woody plant encroachment and increases in atmospheric CO2, interact with soil properties to sequester carbon and nitrogen. To accomplish this, the Filley group utilizes field based experiments, such as the Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) sites or maintained chronosequences of forest encroachment, and a variety of analytical approaches, including molecular chemistry, microbial activity assays, and stable isotope techniques Additionally, he and his students investigate the role of hydrological events in agricultural watersheds in the mobilization of terrestrial organic matter to streams.

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