Culture Shock 文化冲击

Stephy Chung’s documentary “Culture Shock – Chinese Americans in China” (found below), brings to light important questions about identity and citizenship in a rapidly changing world. In this documentary, four young American-born-Chinese professionals share their experiences and struggles since moving to Beijing. Each had moved to China in hopes of using their dual identity to take advantage of new economic opportunities, often mystifying their parents who made the opposite journey years before.

Stephy Chung的纪录片文化冲击 – 美籍华人在中” (见下文) ,展现了在这个迅速发展的世界中身份和国籍的重要问题。 4个在美国出生的中国年轻人在这部纪录片中分享了他们搬到北京的奋斗经历。他们每个来到到中国都希望利用其双重身份的优势去取得新的经济机会,往往神秘化他们的父母以前定下南辕北辙的职业规划。

Beijing, the new land of oppurtunity?

Beijing, the new land of oppurtunity?

These American born Chinese or ABCs occupy a unique place in both Chinese and American societies. Rather than being simply Chinese or American, they bridge both cultures, speaking both languages and adopting social norms from both American and Chinese civilization.

这些在美国出生的中国人,或者叫ABC(American Born Chinese),在中国和美国的社会中都占据着一个独特的位置。他们不仅仅是单单的中国人或者美国人,他们混合了两种文化,讲两种语言,并接收着中美两国文明制度下的社会规范。

This mixed identity, which many of the participants struggled with during their upbringing in the US, quickly becomes an asset in China.  They are better able to navigate the different social norms and language compared to other immigrants.


Best of Both Worlds 两全其美

Diane, one of the participants, talks about how ABCs are held to higher standards than their Chinese counterparts. They supposed to bring together the best of both worlds; the opportunities and education of the West and traditional Chinese values and ethics.


They represent the synthesis of two very different systems of behavior, tradition and custom, a creation valued  more highly than each individual part.


New Identities and Biculturalism 新的身份和双重文化

With the economic downturn and reverse migration, it appears America no longer has a monopoly as the “Land of Opportunity”, which has long been a core of the American identity.  Since, China’s huge economy and growing opportunities attracting so many young professionals, there undoubtably is a new player on the world stage, economically and politically.

随着经济衰退和反向移民,美国不再是具有垄断地位的机会之地 这一直是长期以来美国身份的核心。由于中国巨大的经济和发展机会吸引着不计其数年轻的专业人士,无疑是世界舞台上,经济上和政治上一个新的平台。

 It is clear that this changing landscape needs business and cultural leaders who can skillfully navigate a diverse global civilization that includes both American and Chinese values.


Not all of us are raised with the advantages that ABCs have, but we can learn from them. We should strive to become, in the words of Baidu’s Kaiser Kuo, “bicultural”. Rather than define ourselves only as with an American or Chinese identity, we ought to think as global citizens and seek out  what each culture offers.

不是所有的人都拥有ABC的优势,但我们可以从他们身上学到一些精髓。我们应该努力成为百度郭怡广口中“双文化的” 的人才。而不是用美国或中国的国籍来定义自己,我们应该作为世界公民去思考,并寻求每一种文化能提供给我们什么。

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