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Meet Our Team- Benjamin Leffel

24th February, 2014


in US/China Relations Institutions


Community Advancement through Subnational Relations

Interviewed by: Lida Lee

One year ago, when The Tai Initiative held its first conference in Seattle, no one…

Making Denver A Global City

21st February, 2014


in Leadership, US/China Relations Institutions


Clarence Low- A Leader for Denver

By: Kayla Blomquist

Mr. Clarence Low, one of the Tai Initiative’s partners, is the president and…

The Roots of US-China Relations

Swallow YanMeet Swallow Yan

by Karen Lauer; interview by Sarah Itagaki

For over 20 years, Swallow Yan has worked to bring the Iowa state community out of its comfort zone. Since arriving in Iowa in 1991, Swallow has made great strides in…

Fourth China-U.S. High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange

256px-China_satelliteEducation, specifically providing greater opportunity for American students to study in China and gain exposure to Chinese culture and language, has been arguably the most visible, if not strongest, pillar of the China-U.S. High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE). Since the inaugural meeting of CPE…

A Needed Institution Appears: The Senate’s U.S.-China Working Group

15th November, 2013


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Tuesday, October 8, 2013.  U.S. Senators Mark Kirk (IL) and Mazie Hirono (HI) met with Ambassador Cui Tiankai, China’s highest level representative to the…

Culture Shock- A lesson in Identity

5th November, 2013


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Culture Shock 文化冲击

Stephy Chung’s documentary “Culture Shock – Chinese Americans in China” (found below), brings to light important questions about identity and citizenship in a rapidly changing world. In this documentary, four young American-born-Chinese professionals share their experiences and struggles since moving to Beijing. Each had moved to China in hopes…

What do we hope to accomplish in Beijing?

20th May, 2013


in Leadership, Planning


This summer, June 12-20 to be exact, The Tai Initiative will make its next trip to China!  During those nine quick days, we hope to expand our presence within the larger dialogue on leadership in a variety of subnational fields, particularly at the ACCEX meeting in Shanghai.  Thinking about the opportunities presented…

Co-hosting “New Thinking for New Directions” with Seattle University, April 12th

19th January, 2013


in Civilization, Leadership, Strategic Lessons


We are now working on the invite list for the April 12th conference, “New Thinking for New Directions” to be held…

Facing Corruption: No External Roles for Internal Woes

4th December, 2012


in Ethics, Leadership


With the conclusion of the central government transition to Xi Jinping’s leadership and a new cast of Politburo Standing Committee members, the news on China returns to a semi-normal state of affairs, which is to say there will be continued speculation on the short-term challenges facing the complex nation.  After the run-up of anticipation…

Strategic Views of the People’s Liberation Army: NBR, Our Educator on the Defense Perspective

1st November, 2012


in Leadership, Strategic Lessons


Communication is difficult; it is downright impossible if the recipient of a message is unaware of its transmission.  One of the realities of our modern communications is that we get focused on our own particular sector of business, study, or…

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